Saint nuo living creature: the fate lets us meet here, thanks you to be willing to understand me!
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They say the market is the sea, the quality is the ship, the quality is the sail;

Without good quality, you can't sail far.

Without good quality, this ship has no direction.

And we aim to build the right ship, raise the right sail, and sail for tomorrow's market.

Hello! Hello, everyone, let me introduce myself.

My name is chengdu shengnuo biotechnology co., LTD

I also have a name called chengdu shengnuo biological pharmaceutical co., LTD

My first name chengdu shengnuo biotechnology co., ltd. was founded in July 2001 with a registered capital of 58 million yuan.

I was born in dayi county, chengdu city, which is not the most beautiful, nor the most prosperous.

But this is not only where I was conceived, but also where I met you.

Chengdu shengnuo biological pharmaceutical co., ltd. is affiliated to chengdu shengnuo science and technology development co., ltd. and established in October 2004. It is a high-tech certification enterprise of sichuan province with a registered capital of 45 million yuan.

There are 228 employees. It has more than 50 key technologies for large-scale production of peptides listed at home and abroad. It is a domestic first-class international enterprise specializing in large-scale production of peptides and amino acids. Its single batch output reaches kg level, and it is the leader of the domestic peptide industry. The company has passed the FDA certification for 0 defects.

I came into being to construct a management system integrating "quality, environment and safety". My idea tells me to become a quality system with quality culture and create attractive and soulful quality for the society.

Because I know very clearly that in this era, success belongs to the quality leader, want to achieve the future, only the quality, quality is far more important than the cost.

My adult tells me: beg existence with quality, beg development with quality.

Qualified quality is the obligation to do the society, excellent quality is the contribution to the society;

Since childhood, strict education taught me that I must not be lazy and perfunctory.

Because I can't bear the consequences of doing something wrong,

So I tell myself every day, I must do: quality efficiency, quality excellence. Inject my life into the products, casting the quality of shengnuo biological products with my painstaking efforts, so as to integrate life into quality, quality is life.

Come on! That's all for my personal introduction.

Thank you again for your patience in reading!

It's a pleasure to meet you here.